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Christmas 2010

Snow Agels

Las Vegas December 2010

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November Snow

Paige's Senior Pictures

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BRD in the Hospital


St. Croix State Park 2010

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Zem's Proda (Zumbrota) 2010

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Paige Finds The Strawberry Fest Medallion

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Tubbing at Afton Alps - March 2010

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Family Room Updated

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Tony Turns 20

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Disc Golf In Florida - Jan 11-13, 2010

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New Years at Buca's 2009

Breakfast with Santa 2009


Thanksgiving 2009

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Bella Our New Female Puppy - Cockalier

Cavalier King Charles & Cocker Spaniel Mix

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Halloween 2009

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Brice's Cabin

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2009 Park Homecoming Parade

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Old House in Cottage Grove

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New East Ridge High School

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Shades of Sherwood Campground - 2009

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Grandma Carol at Ashley's Soccer Game

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Scufsa Family Reunion 2009 - Ely, MN

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Happy 10th Birthday Ashley - Cell Phone Pix

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Water Skip 2009 - Jerry & Maria's Farm

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Happy Birthday 66th Mairm

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Camping With The Heim's - Lake Elmo 2009

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Matt Gets His Camaro To The Track

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Father's Day Open 2009





Jill Turns 43 - Happy Birthday

Holiday Inn, Elk River - Waterpark

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A Night Out With Dad and Sue

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Mustang Run in St Cloud

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Ashley's Field Trip - Minnesota Historical Society & State Capital

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Ashley in Gymnastics

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Easter 2009

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Time For Some Disc Golf

Pix sent in by Paulie

Paulie Jam's at The Coliseum in Hastings

Happy 44th Birthday BRD

Thanks Mom For The Pasties

The Blues Brother's ??

Tony and Grandma T's Night Out

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Kai's First Birthday Party

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BRD and Rod Turn 44

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Girl Scout Cookies Are In!!

Snow Tubbing at Afton Alps

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Happy 19th Birthday Tony

Valentine's Day & Tony & Tina's Wedding

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Dueling Stangs

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Tony's New 2005 Focus ZX3

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Jill's New 2007 Vista Blue Mustang

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The Prod "Lite" at Park Place


Super Bowl XLIII - 2009

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Mom L. Moves Into Her New Apartment

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Skate Night on the Pond

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HO HO HO Green Giant

Putting in my sequential lights

It Could Be Worse




New Years 2008

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North Division Champions

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Christmas at Jerry and Maria's

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Christmas 2008

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Christmas Eve 2008

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Snow in Henderson, NV

Look Who We Ran Into

(Rosie & Yoli)

Kurt in The Bulletin

Breakfast With Santa

Holiday Train

Brrrrrrrrrrrr !!

My Girls in Rice Park

Trans-Siberian Orchestra - 16th Row Center

Minnesota Wild Win 4-0

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Congrats to John Randle (Ring of Honor)

Thanksgiving 2008

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Matt's Camaro Get Painted

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Santa Visits Woodbury

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Hot Tub Season


A Day at the Gun Range

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Rapid City Snow - Nov 6, 2008

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Halloween 2008

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Gene and June Wagner's 50th Anniversary

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Memorial Day in Rapid City

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TeGantvoort Family Reunion - October 18, 2008

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Congratulations Cassie & Geno Taddei

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Ashley's Girl Scout Troop In The Halloween Parade

Chippewa Falls, WI

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Happy 20th Anniversary - Kurt & Jill

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Day At The Disc Golf Course

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A Day Trip To New Ulm

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Mom L's 80th Birthday Gathering

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Ashley's Limo Ride

Monday Night Football (Vikes vs Saints)

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Trina Turns 33


Caprenter Nature Center - Girls Scouts


2008 Renaissance Festival


Ashley's Fall 2008 School Picture


Vikings Party


Ashley Bridging to Jr Girl Scouts


I Got It!!


Ashley's Team Takes 2nd Place - Games 15 - Goals 44    One   -   Two


Ashley and Her Team Win To Move On


1st Day Of School - 2008-09 - Paige - Ashley


Tony Goes to College


The Minnesota State Fair - 2008


Paige's First Game of the 2008 Season


Cool Spider Ashley Found In Our Bush


Welcome Home BRD - August 14, 2008


BRD Before Surgery


Matt's Pig Roast   One    -    Two


Ashley's Kid Birthday Party


Ashley Turns 9


Ashley and Samantha's Team Win Their 1st Game   Pix 1 - Pix 2


Camping at Shades of Sherwood in Zumbrota MN- 2008


Happy 37th Birthday Dante


Girl Scout Camp - Camp Lakamaga


4th Of July in Ely - 2008


Relaxing at Clear Lake Beach


UWRF (University Wisconsin of River Falls)  GO FALCONS!!


Our New Home Away From Home


Tony's Graduation From Park High School


Tony's Last Day of School


Happy 15th Birthday Paige


Memorial Day Weekend 2008 - Thanks Clint & Gale


Paige and Cody - Flower Ball 2008


Ryan & Nicole's Wedding


Party at BRD's in Honor of Amy - May 10, 2008


Paige's Braces Are Finally Off


Congratulations Doug & Emily - Wedding Photos & Vows Video


Did Ashley Trade In Her Bike For a Mustang Covertable?? One - Two


Paige Starts Track


Ashley's Spring 2008 School Picture


The Door Has Been Replaced - 1


The Door Has Been Replaced - 2


Koz at the Great Ziggurat of Ur


2008 Easter


Spring AYEE!!


US Bank Mortgage - Kari's New Jorb


Kari in Her CubiGAL


Happy 43rd Birthday BRD


Mairt in the Newspaper


Deano's Retirement Party


Girl Scout Cookies Are In


2008 Alaska's Fur Rondy


Knodle's New Gibson Les Paul Studio


Super Bowl Party


Congratulations Doug & Emily


Kari and Mom Losing my $10 in Las Vegas


The Adventures of "Flat Ashley" in Las Vegas


Party at Park Place


Doug "Animal" Germain and Hairy Baby


Paul's HP Signature Peavey


Mom with Louie Anderson in Las Vegas


Kari with David Ruprecht in Las Vegas


Koz's "Home On Leave" Party


My New 2008 Mustang GT/CS (California Special)





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New Years Eve 2007


Winter Friends


Christmas 2007


Christmas Eve 2007


Ashley & Santa - 2007


Gingerbread House Party At School


Friends 2 B Made - Girls Scouts Activity


Iraqi Christmas


Ashley's Recorder Concert


Tony's Football Banquet


Thanksgiving 2007


Vikings beat Oakland 29-22 - We had great seats


Swimming in Willmar


Hannah Montana


Ashley & The Twine Ball


Tony's Last Regular Season Game


Ashley Earns A Limo Ride At School one - two


Couple Of Tony's Senior Pictures one - two


Wolfpack 21 vs Mounds View 14


TP'ing Houses For Homecoming


Wolfpack 34 vs White Bear Lake 10


Wolfpack 20 vs Stillwater 9


Tony in the South Washington County Bulletin One - Two


Ashley Sets New Personal Record of 23 Goals in a Season


Wolfpack 20 - Woodbury 21


First Day Of School -2007


Wolfpack 21 vs Hastings 13


Waiting on Hurricane Flossie


My 41st Birthday at the Minnesota State Fair & Dennis DeYoung from Styx Concert


Today's Rainbow


Doing a Little Donating


Storm Pictures ONE TWO


Grandma, Ali and Ray Stop By To Watch Ashley


Paulie Watches Paige Play


Camping at Shades of Sherwood, Zumbrota, MN


Ashley's Birthday Party at a Hotel


Ashley Goes Out With Grandma For Her Birthday


Happy 8th Birthday Ashley


Food For Five


Nice Gas Price in Owatonna, MN


Mom's Birthday Gathering


Ashley Wins The "No Cavity" Dog From The Dentist


Clear Lake Beach, Iowa


Watermellon Time


Gone Camping - Kiesler's Campground in Waseca, MN 

Paige Soccer, Father's Day and Jill's Birhday in Rochester, MN 

Tony's New Record of an 8 Beats His Dad's 9


Just Hanging Around 

Paige Spends The Day With Grandma For Her 14th Birthday


Ashley At Camp Lakamaga


Paige's 14th Birthday Friend Party


Last Day of School - Presents For Ashley's Teachers


Paige's Team Takes 2nd Place in the St. Croix Cup


Happy 14th Birthday Paige - 1


Happy 14th Birthday Paige - 2


Ashley and Samantha at their School Play


Crazy Hair Day


Paige's Team Took 3rd Place in Last Weekends Tourney


Amy, You Will Always Be Remenbered


Paige Takes 1st Place in the 200 Meter Run


Koz's Going Away Party


Frizzy Hair


Ashley's Spring 2007 School Picture


Great Grandma


Out For A Drive


2007 Cub Foods Easter Bunny


Making "Goo" at Girl Scouts


My Cousin Kelly Willis (Formally Earleen TeGantvoort) from Hawaii


Ali and Ashley


A Night at Throwbacks One - Two


Ashley Receives Some Girl Scout Awards


Congratulations Ryan and Nicole on your Engagement


BRD and Ali


A Visit With Amy


Updated Picture of The Zuk Girls (Dante & Nikki Zuk)


Doing a little grilling as the temp rises




Friends playing outside


Ashley Roller Skating


Too Much Snow


Tony "sweeps" his car after the snowstorm


Cookies Have Arrived


Tony and Grandma Carol


Happy 17th Birthday Tony


Valentines Day 2007


Moonlight Bowling


Super Bowl 2007 at The Heim's


A'viands Business Trip to Owatonna


220 Boxes :-)


All About Ashley Poster


Introducing Isabella Marie Zuk


Why I got married and had a girl


Ashley Plays In The Snow


Ashley's Brownie Uniform


Snowball Fight


New Years Day Sledding




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Happy New Years 2006


Christmas 2006


Christmas Eve 2006


Christmas Eve, Eve 2006


Sleepover on Christmas Vacation


Ashley at Her Christmas Program


2006 Cookie Exchange


Never Too Old For Santa


Samantha Turns 8


Ashley Having Fun Playing in the Snow


Ashley Makes Gingerbread Cookies

Jill Wins a Holiday Basket from Rainbow Foods


12" of Snow in SD - November 10, 2006


The Largest Ball of Twine - Darwin, MN


Santa 2006


Paige Does Some Computing


The Girls Go To Disney World


Dante Gets a New Guitar


Ashley Makes Dinner (Meatloaf)


Picnic Anyone?


And The Winner Is?


Happy Thanksgiving 2006


Christmas 2006 Lights Start To Go Up


Tony's First Day at the Car Wash (one) (two) (three)

Happy 2006 Halloween


Ashley's 2006 Fall School Picture




Paige's Team Goes to State (Rochester) and Loses 1-0 in Overtime


Ashley finally loses her first tooth on October 18, 2006


Ashley chose to use this old tie clip box as a tooth box


Welcome to Winter, WI


Tony's 2006 Varsity Football Picture


Latest victim of the E-Coli outbreak


Homecoming 2006


Paige's Fall 2006 School Picture


Lil' Wolfpack Cheerlearders


Friday Night Lights


Paige Starts Her Fall Traveling Soccer Season


Ashley and Paige both take 1st place in the 2006 soccer tournament


Ashley's Team With 1st Place Trophy


Paige's Team With 1st Place Trophy


Ashley's team takes 1st place for the season and wins 1st playoff game


Tony (#55) and his team (Park JV) win their first game against Forest Lake 28-14


Congratulations to the Green Team (1st place for the season winners)


First Day of School 2006


State Fair 2006


Ashley and her new 2nd grade teacher


Paul's Souv Box Part 1


Paige's 2006 Soccer Picture


Ashley's 2006 Soccer Picture


Happy 40th + 1 day Birthday to ME!!


Happy 40th Birthday to ME!!


Jill and Janelle at Ashley's soccer game


Dad Retires After 46 Years


Installing Mom's Old CD Player into Tony's Car


The first time that Tony locked his keys in his car


Family Soccer Day 2006


Happy 36th Birthday Kari


Ashley gets another goal so she gets another treat


Paige makes a goal in the first minute of the game


B-Dub with the Knodle's


A Day on Lake Elmo with the Heim's


Ashley finally gets to meet "My Little Dolly"


Ashley at the Wizard of Oz Play


A night out at the theater


K&J Trucking - This is how we transport all of our videos


Ashley's 7th Birthday


Slow Children


Big Kid


Ashley starts her 2006 soccer season


Dad sells his house in Hopkins to move to Rapid City, SD


Paige's Summer 2006 2nd place over-all ribbon


Happy 63rd Birthday Mairm


Happy 13th Birthday Laurie


Greg (GFD) turns 40 - YOU'RE NEW!!


Matt's Number - "7"


12 blazin' in 6 minutes


Happy 4th of July 2006


Thanks Guys - Happy 4th of July


Look who we saw at the parade (Praid)


Johnny jams with Mairt on his B-Day


DQ in Willmar


Paige's 13th Birthday Party


Paige's Spring Picture


Ashley with her 1st grade teacher - Ms. Kline


Memorial Day - 2006


The Red Hats at Ridgedale YMCA


Why am I still thirsty mom?


Paige's Last Track Meet for the 2006 Year - Good Job Paige


Hammer Time for Jill


First day at A'viands


Mother's Day 2006


Button Day at School


Rest in Peace Sparky (Ashley's Hampster)


YES!! Disc Golf Season is Here


Paulie Jamin' with Skain Prod


Grandma and Tony make it to Paige's track meet


Easter 2006


Easter 2006 - One - Two


Kid Rock"ed"


Paige's Time Trial at Park HS - One Two Three 

Ashley and the 2006 VFW Easter Bunny


Tony Completes His "On The Range" Training


Ashley's Spring 2006 School Picture


What are we looking at? Bob's track picture?


Paulie Prosay with a Fro


Blackhawk In The News. What happened to my face?


Ladies and Gentlemen......Heeeeeeeere's Blackhawk!!!


Paige's Winning Entry In Her Schools Poster Contest


Tony Gets His Permit 3/23/06


My Neighbors Camaro To Be


BRDs 41st Birthday


Tony's Snowmobile


Lordy, lordy, Neilys Proddy...and 40! 3/9/06


Paige's School Band at the Timberwolves Game


Ashley at the Build-A-Bear Workshop


Ashley Being Cute


Happy 12-34 everyone (my special number)

Tony's First Car - 1997 Dodge Intrepid


Happy 3-17 BRD


Cinderella Swing - Daddy Daughter Dance


Need I Say More


Happy Valentine's Day - 2006


Ashley Gets Her Valentines Ready For School


T.Com's Annual Super Bowl Party - 2006


Tony has a X-Box video game party


Ashley at Orchestra Hall


I Want Candy


My New Ovation


Jill Bowling




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Happy New Years From T.com - 2005


Christmas 2005


Merry Christmas Everyone - 2005


Ashley's Christmas program - 2005


S M ALL Snowdrift


Tony & I Doing Our Good Deed For The Day


The Red Hats and Elvis


Look who got "O"


Me and my snowblowing partner


Kids with Santa 2005


Ashley sings at her school's holiday program


Chad Skiing in Denver, CO


Thanksgiving 2005


A Night Out With The Timberwolves


Dad's new house in South Dakota


Uncle Prosay gets a guitar lesson from Paige


Ashley and her "Book It!" Personal Pan Pizza - Good Job Ashley


Halloween 2005


2005 Halloween Pumpkins


Tony gets Confirmed - October 30, 2005


Tony's last football game and Park school tour


Ashley going to a Costume Party "our little witch"


Paige the Cheerleader 1


Paige the Cheerleader 2


Happy 40th Birthday Ernie


In response to Amy's phone call...


Clint's 30th Birthday Party


Rosalie and Tony Skydiving


Ashley's 2005 School Picture


Paige's 2005 School Picture


Tony's 2005 Football Picture


Tony's 2005 Team Football Picture


My updated Popeye shrine


Happy 8th Birthday Ali


Bri-Bri Turns 32


2005 Park Wolfpack Homecomming


Park Wolfpack beat Hastings Raiders 22-20


Happy 40th Birthday Koz!!!!!!


Tony's 2005 Football Season Starts


Labor Day Weekend with the Heim's


Local Free Carnival


The Red Hats go to McHattie's


1st Day of School 2005-2006


Hyland Disc Golf Course in Bloomington, MN


A stocked refrigerator for my office is a BAD B-Day present


Ashley & Paige Make Peanut Butter Cookies & Pumpkin Pie For My Birthday


Paige's 2005 Soccer Team


Ashley Helps With Her Friends Freezy Stand


Wanda Bacon's (Moms Friend) Wedding


Jingle Bells the Reindeer


Ashley Makes Her First Goal And Wins The Game For Her Team


Alaska Disc Golf


Dawson City


My Father's Day Present Has Arrived - Thanks Kids


Ashley's 6th Birthday 

Paige Gets Her Braces Put On


Paige Starts Her 2005 Summer Soccer Season


Mom celebrates her 62nd birthday with her family


Mom with her friends on her 62nd birthday


Weekend at The Farm - July 2005


Dante's New Baby


4th of July Weekend in Ely, MN


Dad's Pictures From His Vacation Out West


The Real Ape Arm? YUP! I Don't Think So


Skain Prod & Tony




Paige and Paige at the Cottage Grove Carnival


Happy 39th Birthday Jill


He's Not Standing!


Paige and her friends get a limo for the last day of elementary school - 1 - 2


I Spy a Skain Videographer - 17


Paige's 12th Birthday Party


Aramark treats us to a Twins game


A Little Plastic Throwing on Memorial Day 2005


Ashley's Field Trip to Como Zoo


I Spy the Skain Videographer 16


More Knodle Hawaii Pictures One - Two - Three - Four


Off To The Collision Center We Go


I FIXED the Mustang


Pictures from the Knodle Hawaii Trip One - Two - Three


The new KJ Video Employee running the booth


I Spy the Skain Videographer 15


Flowers for Mothers day


Mothers Day 2005


Decorating a cake for me Mairmstairm


Decorating our cakes for Mom


John plays Dee on his new guitar


Our Duck Has Come Back


Johnny wins a bike at the school carnival


Jim and Arlene TeGantvoort's Old Pictures


Knodle's new play set - day 2


Knodle's build a new play set


Anyone want to move to the Black Hills?




Paige's Spring Band Concert


Paulie Prosai's April 19, 2005 Basement Update


Happy Birthday Aims.............


Paige has the new record of 134 flips


Going on a two mile bike ride


Ashley learns to ride her bike


A Nice Night To Ride The MexicanTrain


Easter 2005


2005 Easter Eggs


Guess who's house this is pointing at BRD?


Dante's Collection


The Little Drummer Girl


Aili Mae Armstrong


Ashley and Paige's 1st Communion


Ashley makes an Easter bonet at school


Happy 40th Birthday BRD


Game 14 - Find the Skain Videographer


Grey Cloud Elementary School Carnival


Jorren turns 3


Paige's Spring 2005 School Picture


Ashley's Spring 2005 School Picture


Happy B-Day John


Big Icicle


A Day at Camp Snoopy for Tony's Golden Birthday


The Red Hatters see South Pacific


A Brush With Fame


Happy 15th (Golden) Birthday Tony - Pix One - Pix Two


Pretty Snow 1 - 2


TeGantvoort.com's 2005 Super Bowl Party


Late Night Partay


Dad Goofying Around


A Nice day For Sledding


The kids give dad a little help with all of the snow


I couldn't wait any longer for my SG to sell so I bought this


Nice set list Laurie (pix taken by BRD)


Kids are way happy.... No School Friday


S'more Time


A Nice Night to Snow Tube in the Backyard





2008   -   2007   -   2006   -   2005   -   2004   -   2003   -   2002   -   2001


New Years 2004 at Buca's and with Phat Prod


The Red Hatters


Merry Christmas Everyone


Paige at the Christmas Cookie Exchange Party


Roseann, Tuck, Terry and Mom's Cruise


Paulie Basement Update 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


Ashley takes home "Hunter" the bear from school


Ashley sends Santa her wish list


Paige at her Holiday band program


The Kids and Santa


Ashley making a snow angel


First snow of the 2004-05 season


Happy Thanksgiving 2004 from T.com


Look what Ashley made by herself. Well a little help from Grandma


Paige back from Wolf Ridge

Ashley Jumps Before The Snow Starts to Fly

Grandma Ely's Funeral. November 14-16, 2004

Rest in Peace Grandma Ely. We ALL love you!!! - Her Obituary

Aramarks Manager's Meeting in Las Vegas 11-08-04

Copy of Willies Guitars web page while tying to sell my 1973 SG Custom

Update on Paulie Procai's Basement

Don't Forget To Vote For McNamara :-)

Halloween 2004

Grandma Invites Us To A Halloween Pool Party

J & C Video?

Tony Completes Another Year of Football

Busted for fireworks by a "scary" cop

Paulies Basement Progress 10/20/04

Ashley baby-sits the neighbors runaway dog

Making Home-Made Pizza's at Grandma's House

A Day At The Apple farm

A Day At The Pumpkin Patch

Ashley's Kindergarten Individual and Class Pictures

Paige's 6th Grade Individual and Class Picture

Tony's 9th Grade Individual and Team Football Pictures

Ashley gets a birds-eye view while picking leaves for school

Paulie puts in a tub/shower in his basement

Time to find a new home for my 1973 Gibson SG Custom

Grandma Carol at Tony's Football Game - One - Two

Phil-Up Lunch is now Pho-Quan Cafe

Ali's 7th Birthday Party

Parting with Phat Prod

Old Newspaper Article Sent In By Julie Hallingstad - One - Two

Jill's New Office

My Favorite Day of The Week is "Sundae"

2004-2005 Viking Number Picker Girl

Tony and Ashley at Olive Garden

Ashley With Her 2004 Soccer Trophy

Tony's First Game of the 2004 Season. Played at Park Sr. High School

Cheesy the RAT has a sleepover with Paige

Ashley's First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of School 2004-2005

Ashley Stands by her Locker at School

The Knodle's Make Their Move

Pink Floyd on a Stick (What's Next?)

Girls day at the 2004 MN State Fair

The girls check out who they have in there class

Grandma watches the girls play

B.A.D. 38th Birthday Card I Got From Kari, John, Laurie and Johnny

A Night Out With Me Mairmstairm at DeMorri's

Class of 1984 - 20th Class Reunion

The Knodle move begins

Soccer Chicks

B.A.D. Sunset - Before and After Using Photoshop

Big Save - Soccer Star

Game 13 - Find the Skain Videographer

B-Dub Party Favors are B.A.D.

Pooh Bench - Florida 2004

Ashley and Paige - first goals of the season

Two B.A.Dness's working ZERO - One - Two

2004 Camping Trip

Trip to Paulies for a Journey Concert

2004 Soccer Season Starts

Doug Turns 21

Ashley's Friend Party

Ashley's 5th Birthday

Ashley's First Soccer Practice

Happy 61st Birthday Mom

2004 Waterskip

Paulie's 40th Birthday Party

I think we need the pool set up

Laurie's Golden Birthday Limo Ride - June 11, 2004

I Think The Pond Needed To Be Weeded

Paulie's 40th B-day Party Flier

Ashley Jamin' Zero

July 3rd Party With Koz

A great day to pick strawberries

Congratulations Jill on 20 Years

Ryan's Graduation Party

2004 Florida Trip

Game 12 - Find the Skain Videographer

Paige's 11th Birthday Party

Memorial Day 2004


Game 11 - Find the skain videographer

Congratulations to Paige for receiving a Blue Ribbon (the best) at her school clarinet contest for both solo and ensemble. one - two - three

Emily's College Graduation Party

Ashley's Preschool Graduation

Paulie on a "beaver" hunt

Congratulations Brian and Karen

Game 10 - Find the skain videographer

Jill on Mothers Day

Mom on Mothers Day

Find the people at the top of this picture - Game by Mike

Game #9 : Find the SKAIN Videographer

Paulie landscape shots of Badlands National Park

Congratulations Johnny and John - High Series (604)

Paige's Spring Band Concert

Dad and Susie 2003

Ashley Dresses in "W"estern Clothes For "W" Day at School

Paige at the Park with her Friends

Ashley's new earrings

Kurt Flipping You Off

Ashley's Achievment Award

On your mark, get set -- Easter Egg Hunt

Coloring Easter Eggs - 2004

Strike a Pose

"You are correct lieutenant, that's not a BAD Blazer anna.

Mission accomplished. Heading home 10-4"

Me Mairkey's Brand New Les Paul - Congrats Proddy Prosay

14th Annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny - 2004

BRD sending me an IM from Paulies

First Visitors to Visit Paulies Pad

Ashley's first friend sleepover with Lexi Rose

Brian and Karen's Wedding Shower

Goldberg's Boarding Pass

Jill and Kurt Dancing at Rod and Pams Wedding

Drinking ZERO + 3D Movie + 4AM + Sleeping = T.com Picture

Me Mairmstairm

Paige's 5th Grade School Picture

Kari's New Car

Happy 39th Birthday BRD!!

Dad's Old Photos #5

Partying with Phat Prod

Paulie's recent visit to Tucson, Arizona

John's New Truck 

School Chum

Dad's Old Photos #4

I don't think 200 sheets will even cover 1/2 the people that should be listed in this book that I know.

Father/Daughter Dance 2004 One - Two - Three

Jozzy (see movies link for video)

3 Pix of Paulie's New '03 Blazer, Congrats Paul 1 - 2 - 3

Building a snowman in 50 degree weather is B.A.D. one - two

Dad's Old Photos #3

Ashley's Preschool Pajama Pepperoni Pizza Party

My New 2001 Mustang Convertible

Dad's Old Photos #2

Ashley At Her Kindergarten Registration Night

Dad's Old Photos #1

Jerry with his $400 in winnings from Grand Casino Hinkley

Sue, Dad and Sarah

Happy 14th B-Day Tony

Congrats go out again to Tony for making the "B" honor roll.

Fun in the Snow, February 7, 2004

My new office at the new jail

T.com 4th Annual Super Bowl Party (2004)

Dave's Chem Hating Mairt's Bairt

2004 Winter Canival (Grand Day Parade & Ice Palace)

Now that's a flat tire

Visiting Grandma Ely in Eveleth, MN - January 17-19, 2004

Paige, Ashley and Dad Doing The Song Hero from Enrique Iglesias

Paige Singing - Ashley Singing

Pink Floyd The Wall Showing in Germany Theaters (1986)

New Home For My Popeye Shrine

Hey ba fa ba albert

The New K&J Office




2008   -   2007   -   2006   -   2005   -   2004   -   2003   -   2002   -   2001


New Years, 2003 Pictures

Happy New Years, 2003

Playing games at Kari and John's

Merry Christmas, 2003

Sugar & Spice - Naughty & Nice

Paige In Her Christmas Program

Mom and her Christmas tree

Ashley sings at pre-school

Ashley Christmas 2003

Ashley as an Angel in her Church Christmas Play

Pizza at Bar Close is BAD

Just a few lights this year but better than none.

Partying with Hic Americans

Paige, Ashley and Tony asking Santa for a little something for Christmas.

I'm Chem Hating You Too Big Guy!!

Look what I found sitting in the ATM machine.

BRD and Kevie in New York. 1 - 2 - 3

Paige at her first band concert 12/02/03

Hippie Koz

Santa Koz 1988 Picture

Thanks for the turkey BRD, Aimes and Ali

Ashley Sledding

Greg's 1-11 dilemma (12:34, 3-17) continues with this car he saw in St. Cloud

Winter is Back

Paige's 2003 Girl Scout Rededication Ceremony

Paige practicing her clarinet

Grandma Ely's new home in Eveleth, MN

Here is a pix John sent me from their vacation. As you can see he has not changed a bit.

A little ice cream for the Girl Scouts

Ashley's 2003 Fall School Picture

The new Ramsey County Jail Kitchen.

Ashley at preschool on Halloween 2003

Going Home

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Grand Cayman

Cozumel, Mexico

Leaving Miami on our cruise

Congratulations to Tony and his team for taking 2nd place in the football tournament.

Thanks to everyone who came to Tony's game.

Happy 75th Birthday Mom

Girls Day at Libby Lu

Tony (36) and Dad (skain guy with white shirt doing the chains)

at his last regular season game

Look!! I wrote my name all by myself - Ashley 4 years old

Paige's Fall 2003 School Picture

Playing in the leaves

Tony's Fall 2003 School Picture

Look Ma, I'm on TV

Pre-School Play Day


Mikey playing at the chili feed

Flying South

Picture stolen from Koz's web site.

It's already getting way to cold out dad!

Game #8 : Find the SKAIN Videographer

Park "Wolf Pack" Home Coming Parade.

Winter is coming............ NEAT!!

Dumb, Dumber, Dumberer and Dumbest.......and Pritty

Tony's 2nd game of the season against Hastings

Ashley's first day of pre-school for the 2003-04 school year.

Where is my detangler?

The Vikes KICKED the Packers Arse's in their season opener of 2003-2004


Ashley watching the kids go to school!!!

Game #7 : Find the SKAIN Videographer

1st Day of School - 2003

Game #6 : Find the SKAIN Videographer

Game #5 : Find the SKAIN Videographer

Kurt playing with "Homer with his Moo-Moo"

Another year for the "Tone Man"

Happy Birthday to ME

Congratulations Pam and Rod

Wow! That's Cold

Zero Orders for Grease

Paige's 1st goal of the season

Rest In Peace Melvin

Ashley making her kite

It Must Be The Weekend

Dante's new toy - 1970 Dart

It's a Great Day for a Kool-Aide Stand

Matthew Nelson, Gary D. Nelson, Gunnar Nelson ~The Nelsons

The Levers Family Campout - Aug 2003

OK guys, isn't it too dark to golf?

And the winners for the most "landed" flips in a row on a tramp is........

Rachel with 72, Kurt with 62, and Paige with 45

"Lets Make A Deal" in Hinkley

The Summer Sanitarium Tour

Not Tired Anna!!

Paige's 1st game of the year 1-2

Ashley's party at McDonalds

Woota!! I'm Pritty ;-)

Happy 4th Birthday Ashley

Rest In Peace Grandma one - two

K&J Video Doesn't do B.A.D. Plays Anna!!

Weekend at Jerry and Maria's Farm (59 pix)

My Favorite Picture

Mom's Favorite Picture

Greg and Sandy's party

Mom's 60th Birthday Photo Album

It's a "little hot" on these beaches!

Gary D LIVE on Channel 11

Dante's Fishing Trip

Welcome Home from Alaska Mom


This is what happens when two 3-year olds are quiet for an hour. They played themselves into the corner.

My pond is all nice and clean with no weeds

Pool Party

New Picture Tour of Kaposia Park Disc Golf Course

Gary D. drinks beer as seen in the Star Tribune

Blast From The Past (Ashley with hot dog)

BRD Sucks at disc golf!

Chicks With Discs

Happy Birthday to Jill

Happy Fathers Day to "Me"

Ouch!! Ouch!! Ouch!! I know there must be some water around this SM-ALL parking lot.

Now I understand why I get so thirsty when I see the new NWA paint job

The new pool is "OFFICIALLY" open.

Now that Paige is 10 years old she can get her ears pierced (that's it however)

Paige's Birthday Party at the Park and Pool

Paige's Girl Scout Picnic

Dante's little girl "Alex" turns 3 years old

Ashley's Spring Pre-School Picture

Ashley's with her pre-school diploma

Game #4 : Find the SKAIN Videographer

Game #3 : Find the SKAIN Videographer

Ashley's Bike Rodeo

Congratulations Tony!!

What could they be playing?


The only airline I would not fly

Mom and all of her Grandchildren

Happy Mothers Day to ALL of you Mothers

Look who came over for a soak

Thanks for the use of your bike Johnny!!

HEY!! When did Mairt come over to SOAK?

Paul finally got to "SOAK in the TUB" 

Congratulations on your 1st communion Johnny

HEY!! Johnny finally gets his chance for a little "Soakin' in the Tub"

Paige and Jill's field trip to the State Capitol and History Center

It's BRD and Jill's turn for a little "Soakin' in the Tub"

Jill running the "cake walk" at Paige's school carnival

Pictures from Dan's wake 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

Dan Patraw's obituary

Congratulations Johnny in getting a trophy for The Most Improved Bowler and also winning the Adult-Child High Series Tournament. Picture 1 - 2 - 3

Could the "REAL" Kjos please stand up!

Soakin' in the Tub

2003 Easter Eggs

Happy Easter

Got Milk?

Happy Birthday Amy

Old Pictures from Brian 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

A night at "THE ROCK"

Paige's Spring Choir Concert

Finally......... Scooter Time

Paige and her friend Rachel

Game #2: Find the SKAIN Videographer

Jill with her brother and sisters

Game #1: Find the SKAIN Videographer

Waiting in line for the Omni Theater at the Science Museum of Minnesota.

The old Cottage Grove house tour (31 pictures)

The Knodle's dinner to celebrate St. Patty's Day. Picture One and Two

Paige sent a letter she wrote in school to Bernie Mac and he sent her an autographed picture of himself. Pretty cool Paige!

This is what Ashley and her new friend thought of Tony's band concert.

Tony at his "All Band" concert 03/13/03

John and Laurie dressed for the "Father/Daughter" Hawaiian Girl Scout dance.

Out to eat with Grandma at Red Lobster

Sleepy time with my friend Nap from school.

Happy 1st Birthday Jorren!!

Tony the acolyte. Good job


Look what I made at pre-school - 1 - 2

The $20 spent on buying this game will save me ZERO in the long run.

Remember the good old days?

Wax Museum in Las Vegas (34 Pictures)

Tony's 13th Birthday Party - February 15, 2003 (20 pictures)

ARAMARK's 2003 Meeting in Las Vegas (32 Pictures)

Kurt and Jill's 2003 trip to Las Vegas (14 pictures)

A night out with Grandma and Grandpa TeGantvoort and Family. (13 pictures)

I didn't know the pond could be cleaned with a "broom"

Volleyball on the "pain-to-the-nitch" court

BRD's Bairt

Kari at the top of Mauna Kea (13,796 feet) able to breathe ayee

This is what happens when you put a cigarette out on a pizza box in a trash can in the garage.

Par - Tay at BRD's (10 pictures)

Bar Close is a BAD time for a snack

WOW!! What a change from the summer of 1994 to the winter of 2003

Sorry, I can't tell you the "Judo secret" because of this.....

B.A.D. 2003 Super Bowl Party

Remember when Homer Simpson ate that hot pepper chili and tripped out? I think the same thing is happening to BRD with BW3's BLAZING Hot Wings. YOUR P-R-ITY BRD

Nothing better than a "2" on a 74 Monte. Except when you can share your experience with your druged-up looking food service SGT that likes to wear Lieutenant Colonel insignia on his headband.

Conner Charles Argyros - Born on January 16, 2002 at 6:27 PM - 10 lbs 13 oz - 22 inches long

Our 2003 trip up north to see Grandma Ely - (45 Pictures)

Blues Brothers

Last time Mike had a REAL job.

Nice Lips

I'm not NEW annuu!! Look at how much older Corine and Doug are since my wedding. 

Well here is proof how NEW I am

Rub-Air Face

OOOOHHHHH!!!!! Two of these guys don't look like FAGS annuu!

The guy in the sweater however looks B.A.D.

The Motley Crew

Nothing better than a warm fire on a cold night

Living with the Hodsbairts

KJOS Isn't a"Home Boy" ANAA!!

Yeah Paul, Don't be squeezing any of those croaks!!

You guys are Chem Hating my B.A.D. "Jamin' Zero" Jacket and "Skain" hat I had made in Germany

Bowling with the Knodle's

Kids: Smaging won't stunt your growth like the adults tell you...However, it will make you think bowling shoes look B.A.D

Gary D. Magazine cover sent in by Mairt Hodsbairt (that's French)

Paige showing her girl scout troop how to dress for warm weather.





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New Years 2002 Party with Gary & Sandy D.

Buca's December 31, 2002

Fitzgerald Flop Lyrics from August 1986

Hi from Paulie and BRD. Nice smotches (#2's) guys.

After Christmas is a great time for a sleep over.

HEY! I wanted those plates!

Gary D. Jamming

Partying with Jill, Gary F'ing D. and Mairt Hodsbairt

Cheers to the Class of 1984

Ashley and Santa at her pre-school Christmas program.

Proud Parents 1 - 2

It's Christmas Cookie Time 2002

Ashley's Pretty Dress

Ashley's 2002 Christmas Church Program

Johnny's Beach Chair Service in Sitges, Spain

Because there is just too many questions that need to be asked about this picture, I have just one.....


Paige's Christmas 2002 Choir Concert 1 - 2

The Knodle's 2002 7500-Lights House Display and 900 light Christmas Tree

The Unit

Sunday Night Vikings vs Green Bay Party

This family is PRETTY minus the cow on the right wearing a cow, he's B.A.D.

John parting with Jill and I at our favorite watering hole, BW3's

Like Mother Like Son

Lucille, Jill and Jerry November 2002

Four women, four weddings. K&J is BAD

Pictures Paul took of his new house 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

Jerry and Maria's FREE cruise ship

Doug and his new girl friend Emily.

After Thanksgiving Shopping Planning

Thanksgiving Family Fun

Bring on the Grub

2002 Christmas Lights

New Ramsey County Government Center Kitchen 1 - 2 - 3

Jill's Christmas List-- I want this........


I think it was a GOOD idea to leave the kids home with the Dad's!!

Uncle Kurt is the BEST baby-sitter!!

Johnny after he lost his first tooth.

Congratulations Mom on your nomination

More Roof Pictures #1#2#3

Another cool pix from my roof.

It's that time again, KICK Green Bays butt and then hang some Christmas lights. Picture 1Picture 2

Newspaper artical from the 1940's that I restored. Two of the employee's pictured are Jill's parents

Bunny ears and ties. OHHHHHHH FUNNY!!

Ashley my OFFICIAL "Vikings Numbers" picker.

It looks like the REAL ape arm started long before the Old Country Buffet picture. GO! KEVIE!

"And for my next trick, I will make this handkerchief rise all by itself down here by my belt line."

Paige at her Girl Scout Rededication Ceremony

Ashley's first school pictures

Ash's Birthday sent from Kevie in New York

Don't forget to vote otherwise BRD will be making your vote for you.

TeGantvoort.com at the Minnesota Wild game

Proddy Montage

Vinking vs Tampa football party

Mom with Paul Wellstone

Our 2002 Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving stencil of Ashley

I'm Gonna Squisha Your Heada

Pool fun in Hinkley

Nice Shoe Laces BRD and Rick

Girl Scout Halloween party 2002

Happy 10th Anniversary Kari and John

Happy 14th Anniversary Jill - I love you very much

Snow is NEAT, my FRIEND and I am LIKING AYEE.

Me "Suitcase"

Kurtistown (B.A.D. Town)

Either this is little Johnny or my car is NEW!!!!!!!

Rooter Scooter

Har Mar Ron Kind (Oh! Right Kind)

Monkey "See" Monkey "Do" - BRD and Angus by: Paulie

"Gug" Word Find by: Mairt Hodsbairt

Kaposia Disc Golf Course at fall time

If you make your house "Orange", the Kids Will Come.

Ashley's 1st Dentist Appointment

Ashley's 1st field trip to the apple orchard.

What do you think Mom...... Can I get a new snowsuit this year? And Maybe some boots?

Remember the "TOOT" Shirts?

Hey a sandwich..... a "Hick Old Thick" and a "Masculine" with a "Pretty" in the middle.

(Ely Bowling Alley - 1985)

How low can you go?

Music Montage Madness Winner - BRD

The "REAL" reason why John went to Chicago.

It's beginning to look a lot like Fall Time. Everywhere you go. 

I think I'm seeing dots before my eyes

I, Kurt and BRD, promise to DO MY BEST

Circus 2002

This picture is PRETTY!! Oh, by the way, Merry Christmas :)

September Highlights Picture Find

Main Picture - Key

"Hi this is Sis, may I take your order?"

Class of 1984

Not a "CLOD" anaa


Overdrive plays Park Jr. High

Hale Bop - Good pix BRD

Park High School's Homecoming 2002


Ashley and her dolly

Paige - Future babysitter

Greg Armstrong - The winner of the Blublocker Jingle Contest

They lost but it still was an exciting game

Paige's soccer team wins 2nd place in the C.G.A.A. Soccer Tournament

Way to block Tony #90

BRD doing what he does best!

Tony and Kurt at Smack Down

Joshua's Baptism 9-8-02 (14 pictures)

Ashley's first day at pre-school

Arge, BRD and Rick at the Rolling Stones

Portaging Paul

1st day of school 2002

John's New K&J Video Mobile

Hey!!!! It's The Kelly Osbourne Look-A-Likes

Paige's Soccer Team

The famous picture from between the DeMori's bathrooms. Thanks BRD

Frogs by Firelight

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Where's Ashley?

Broken Wild Thing

Tony - Jr. High Football

Dinner Anyone?


Football Time..... "HUT, HUT"

Jeff......... your cute

Grandma and Grandpa Ely

Blackout Live

Blackout Ticket Stub

Congratulations Kurt on your graduation

Vikings vs Browns in preseason - Thanks for the tickets BRD

Best Friends

Arge, BRD and Rick Praid before a Motley Crue concert in Iowa

Paiges team first win 3-2

Mike.........Your PRETTY

That'sa Wu

My first poop in the potty

BRD Keith and Phil Hartman

BRD and KRD smotching

Kurt home on leave


The diffference between a kids room from night to day

This card was sent to me when I was in the army "December 1985" - Front - Inside

Thanks for the autograph Gary D.

The Mississippi Island Crew

Happy 3rd Birthday Ashley (Dorothy)

Paige and her horse Bailey

Do you remember the "good old days"?

August Highlight Picture Find - August Highlight Key

Four girls and a turtle


Happy 9th Birthday Laurie

Here is a picture before John kicked BRD's a**

Kids at Lake Elmo

Darcy says: "Kurt............Your Pretty" (home of Gug)

This is the reason why guys want their first born to be a boy

It's a little small but still refreshing

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH shade. It's way too hot!!

Alaska 40 Picture Photo Album


Paige and her 3rd grade teacher

Tony's graduation from 6th grade

Paige's 9th Birtyhday Party

Paige's Girl Scout Party

Largest Twins

The St. Paul Mural

Paul in Ely #1

Paul in Ely #2

Neil wearing a tie is like seeing Big Foot

Bob and Michelle's new baby - Josh Robert Penshorn

Highlight's Picture Find - June 2002

Mother's Day 2002

"Old Pictures" photo album #5 scanned by: BRD

Spring flood of 1997 - Grey Cloud Island

Star Wars Episode 2 Ticket (midnight showing)

Oltman rocks just like a 56k modem

"Old Pictures" photo album #4 scanned by: BRD

Getto Ducky by: Kurt

Muskels by: Paul

"Old Pictures" photo album #3 scanned by: BRD

"Hey!! I am almost big enough to drive this car"

Snow still sucks but cool picture (Kurt's pond)

NEAT!!!! April Snow

Old Pictures #2 scanned by: BRD

Laurie and Johnny's school pictures

Hey!! Why is everyone so happy?

Kurtie the cook 8-24-1990 (last time I worked)

Jorren's Baptism 

Kevie's Baptism

The Original Ape Arm

Old Pictures scanned by: BRD

Brad and Ali riding horses

Paul's Complete Collection

K&J Videomobiles

J&K Sunglasses

"BUSTED" at McDonalds (too old)

Easter 2002

Easter from BRD 2002-1

Easter from BRD 2002-2

Jill, Amy and Mel Gibson.......oh yeah..... Brenda too

Tony's spring school picture

Paige's spring school picture

Popeye Homer Simpson

2002 Ice Storm photo album

Jorren Gregory TeGantvoort photo album

Inmate John Knodle's photo album

Parenting Ayee (Ashley with Baby Powder)

Old house in St. Louis Park #1

Old house in St. Louis Park #2

Old house in St. Louis Park #3

Firn Hill School

Disc Golf Photo Album from 2/17/02

3 pictures of Bob and Michelle's baby below 1-4-02




35 Pictures from Ely, 2002




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Full ground breaking ceremony picture of the new Ramsey County Government Center

Just Kurt and Terry at the ground breaking ceremony

Proddy people taping for Kurt in the Army

Kurt in the Army

Zero Proddy People at the old house

Now THAT'S a CANDY bar

Jill and Tony at a Vikings Game

Bob G.

Great-Grandma with Tony, Paige and Laurie

Ashley in her ”Big Girl“ bed 12/4/01 (#1)

Ashley in her ”Big Girl“ bed 12/4/01 (#2)

Here we are trying on Kurt’s pants

Mom???    Mom???---------------Baby Stuck!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m HAPPY to be working on my Saturday off!!

King Kong Poster

Before and After pictures of Kurt and Jill’s house (New Siding)

That wasn’t even a good attempt Mom!!

One in a Million Shot

 The newest Penshorn


Disc Golf Basket in the fall

Mairt is PRETTY

A Fallen Friend

Screen capture from a new video game Mike is making (the bad guys shown here)

Brad and Mom (Carol)

Attack on America (Picture 1)

Attack on America (Picture 2)


3D Mairt Hodsbairt

Guess Who?

”Mom, the puppy licked me“

Tornado in Siren Wisconsin (house completely gone)

Time to cool off

This picture is just plain GROSS!!

Someone on the far left NEVER wore that outfit.

Kurt and John with K & J Video ProDuctions

Don Gore (What else can I say)

Zero Pretty People

Brad, Amy, Kurt, Jill and Tony



Brad with a goat 6/3/95

12 pictures from Ashley’s 2nd birthday party

5 pictures from Dante Zuks 30th birthday

37 pictures from the Kaposia 18 hole Disc Golf Course

I’m Cute, my Dad said I’m Cuuuuuuuuuute (Ashley)

Kurt, Jill, Tony, Paige and Ashley's vacation in Florida (June 2001)

Camp B.O.B. (July 4th 2001)

Kurt, Jill and family in Florida (June 2001)

4th of July Greeting 2001

Sheri’s Graduation Pictures

Yearbook Staff

Love Van Poster

Library Staff

Born to Drag  Poster